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Superior 20 Safety Vest System

(Includes Basic Harness, 20’ Retractor and Vest)

  • 100% steel, silent-coated mating buckles
  • Comfortable
  • Goes on like any vest
  • 5000-pound webbing

Other full-resistant belts or harnesses are restricting, even suffocating! The FallGuy Vest/Harness System uses automotive industry know-how to distribute weight to all the right places. So, in the event of a fall, you are secure and comfortable, and you can recover and reach safety.

The FallGuy Harness utilizes 100 percent steel silent-coated mating buckles rated to 2 tons! The Harness webbing is rated to 5000 pounds. It’s easy to put on, comfortable, strong, and silent. You won’t even know you’re wearing it until the time you really need it to save your life!

The FallGuy Vest features integrated attachment to the Harness, and is removable for washing. It features a pocket intensive design for plenty of storage and comes in either camouflage or blaze orange.

The 20+ Retractor

Imagine being constantly connected to a lifeline from the second you arrive at your tree until the time you walk away from it after your hunt … You’ve just imagined the 20+ Retractor which solves the problem of safely climbing up and down the tree.

As the name suggests, the 20+ Retractor has more than 20 feet of stowed webbing and utilizes “Intelligent Tether” technology to automatically retract and extend the webbing. Thus, the webbing climbs or descends with you and you move. If you slip and fall, it senses the centrifugal force and stops immediately, just like a seatbelt.

Now you can climb to your stand without danger

When the 20+ Retractor is properly installed above your tree stand, all you need to do, (while still on the ground) is attach the 20+ Retractor carbineer to your FallGuy Vest/Harness System and climb the tree.

Once in your stand, the 20+ Retractor acts just like our Original Retractor, allowing you plenty of mobility to hunt effectively, all the time retracting and extending automatically. Should you fall or lose your balance while in your stand, the 20+ Retractor senses this acceleration immediately and arrests the fall within inches.

When it’s time to leave your stand, climb slowly down to the ground, and the webbing from the 20+ Retractor extends slowly with you, protecting you every step of the way.

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